Feminism in Business

Feminism in Business

Well over a 140 years after John Stuart Mill penned ‘The Subjection of Women’ we are still fighting a battle to secure rights and equality for women. It is our responsibility to do what we can do promote awareness and equal outcomes.



The Right of Advertisers to Portray Female Bodies

Are we destined to gawk forever at Photoshopped goddesses?

(December 7, 2015)


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“If I was a man, would you still have asked me that?” A lesson in managing women

Early in my career I learned an important lesson about gender biases, the hard way.

(October 19, 2015)



Let’s Stifle a Few Yawns and Talk About Gender Equality

Yes’, I can hear you thinking, ‘just what we need – another 511 word article about gender equality’. Complaining about gender issues on the internet is the bread and butter […]

(October 11, 2015)