About Me

I care about issues affecting the world and our ability to make meaningful progress as a species. As lofty an opening 11115749_978180228873785_1421721641779906156_nstatement that is, this is my humble attempt at creating a sphere of micro-influence to affect better social outcomes for all.

I write from the perspective of a Marketing and Communications Manager. This is my profession, what I’ve trained in, and what I know best. A lot of my writings are business focused, but I like to think that it’s  still interesting and applicable to a wide audience.

Sometimes I write specific business content. It’s OK if you want to skip over that, I understand that its not for everyone,

I enjoy playing a range of instruments, cooking (Asian style), and gaming.

I’m yet to enter the Twitterverse, but find me on LinkedIn (I know, it’s horribly old-fashioned).